edomae 寿司切子 | edomae sushi-kiriko


「東京手仕事」プロジェクト 令和元年度普及促進支援商品

共同開発者: 中金硝子総合株式会社
素 材  : 色被せ硝子(ソーダ硝子)
サ イ ズ: 小皿 / Φ100 × H20 ぐい呑小鉢 / Φ80 × H45
種 類  : まぐろ(銅赤) / えび(銅赤) / さば (瑠璃) / こはだ(瑠璃) それぞれ小皿とぐい呑小鉢あり

The word “Edo-mae” refers not only Tokyo Bay or the fish caught in the bay, but also the style and the taste of Edo.
Created with the glass cut craft Edo Kiriko, these “Edomae” range glasses feature designs of Edo-mae sushi, a typical gourmet of Tokyo. Friendly and charming in appearance, yet the classic pattern used in works of Edo Kiriko known as Nanako, resembling fish eggs can be found in the “Shari” sushi rice part.
Combining the heritage with modernity, these glasses are characterized by their beauty as well as their fun design.
You can enjoy looking at and using these sushi patterned cut glasses created by the temperament and technique of Edo-mae.

maker : Nakakin Glass Inc.
material : color-covered glass
size : small dishes / Φ100*20, sake-cup-bowl / Φ80*45